Tuesday, January 7, 2014

today, i am 27.

the birthday cupcakes i made myself on sunday night.  i am a firm believer in celebrating birthdays for a week and making sure cupcakes are always involved.  isaac and i enjoyed them immensely.

another birthday, really?!  this year i am the big 2-7.  the same age my mom was when she had me {her first}.  apparently i told her when i got married that there was no way i would wait until i was 27 like she did to have my first child.  but boy oh boy did those 5 years fly!  the timing is just right and i feel so ready to be a mama.  well, as ready as you can feel - i'm actually really freaked out about it but i feel like it's the perfect time in my life and marriage to welcome this huge, exciting change.  

today we are going to the doctor for our 28 week appointment and i get to do the glucose tolerance test!  yipee!  i am kind of a sugar queen {see above} so i think i'll be okay...ha!  after our appointment isaac has lots of birthday fun planned, which is sure to include my favorite food, which in my book is what life/birthdays are all about.  especially as a pregnant lady.

happy january 7th to all!  


Jarred and Rachelle said...

I had my first (Andrew) at 27. Its a good age to have your first babe:) Happy Birthday. Hope you have a fun day!!

Marta said...

Happy Birthday! That cupcake looks delish, mint chocolate? And good luck on the glucose test, just think of it as drinking flat soda (no big deal).

Trish the Dish said...

Happy Birthday! I'm excited for you to enter into motherhood. You'll be a wonderful Mom! P.S. You look so great prego!

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