Tuesday, December 24, 2013

bestie christmas twenty thirteen and a few other goodies.

 another favorite tradition - bestie christmas!  this year we went to cafe trio {yum!} and drew names for our gift exchange.  i brought my hand dipped treats and caramel pops {it isn't bestie christmas without them} and brynne brought us the best cookies ever from her father-in-law's bakery.  i love these girls so much and am so grateful to them for helping me through a really rough year.
 this belly came out of no where you guys.  no where.  granted, i had just eaten a ridiculous amount of food at my brother's homecoming lunch, but still.  thank you asos for the christmas maternity dress!
 it isn't christmas without a little red velvet with cream cheese frosting.
 more christmas treats.  i love packaging them up.
 and our tree!  with all the gifts wrapped and ready to be given. 

i hope you all have a wonderful christmas with your family and friends!  remember our christmas card last year?!  well, isaac has one in the works...finals and business trips have put their production behind but he promises it will happen...so get excited.  

merry christmas eve!

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Dunja Drost said...

so cute!! and i also have this tree skirt

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