Thursday, January 29, 2015

elliott's ninth month.

mister elliott november 16th - december 15th, 2014.
i fed elliott some baby food that had beets in it and he wasn't a huge fan...hence the mess.  he wasn't thrilled with me.
elliott began pulling himself up in his crib just after turning 8 months and he loved it!  luckily we didn't go through the stage where babies know how to pull themselves up but can't sit back down...he always knew how to sit back down thank goodness!
looking like a tiny man with uncle dallin!
happy birthday grandpa!
binky in.
binky out.
sitting in a box!!!  so much fun!
my happy boy!  we went to the bijou market with kat and jude and he was patient as can be while we shopped.
one of his first times sitting in a high chair without slipping all over the place!  he loved being at the table with us and eating our food.  this boy is an eater!
christmas shopping!  elliott wanted these glasses in his stocking...
my two favorite people in the world.

he loves my creepiness.
nana's christmas tree!
he loves his pup so much.  he also loves cricket but she still won't return the love.  you can see here she's pissed my dad is all about elliott and not paying attention to her...
holding his bumbo up with his legs hahaha.
this is elliott telling his auntie erin happy birthday!
twins waiting for our thanksgiving dinner at zermatt resort in midway.
we didn't even have to coax this smile out of him.  he missed his nap for our dinner and i thought for sure by the time we were finished he would be a grump but we got outside to take pictures and he just smiled like crazy.  is that not the cutest face ever!
elliott loves his grandma v and grandpa b.  as you can see he also has a firm grip on grandpa's glasses.
we had such a nice thanksgiving with the westwood family in midway and park city!  the weather was perfect!  we stayed in park city and grandma and grandpa watched the babies so we could go see a movie that night!  such a luxury these days.
being crazy!
elliott loves his cousin soeyer!
brothers and babies.
wearing grandpa's hat.
elliott was kind of a pill the night we stayed in park city.  it turns out he was getting four teeth at the same time!  he got his first two while we were in san francisco!  teething and vacations are not a fun combo.
hat hair and baby cookies.  he loved it!
elliott loves the play mat my cousin jessica and her family sent him when he was born.  so soft and fun!
best pals.
early morning snuggles.
early december the weather was still so nice so we took full advantage with some walks around the neighborhood.
isaac took elliott down to see his parents one saturday while i was working and he snapped this of elliott freaking out the minute virlie laid him down.  he really knows how to turn it on fast haha.
elliott loves his yellow rubber ducky almost as much as his duck puppet!  there is nothing i love more than my lotion rubbed babe after his bath.
managed to start stripping down during nap time.  so funny!
the infamous stink face.
chubby fingers!

he looks so big here!
eating a little clementine.
elliott got to meet santa at isaac's company party and he loved him!  he just stared at him and wanted his glasses.
soeyer is freaking out and elliott checking to see if santa's beard is real.

we had dinner at the tin angel cafe {so yummy - get their bread pudding!} and the waitresses were loving elliott.  the bar was behind us and elliott was trying to grab the lemons so we decided to give him a taste.  i love that little sour face.
our laid back, sweet little 9 month old!  he has been out in the world as long as he was in my tummy!  so surreal.  my pregnancy felt so long and our time with elliott has flown by.  he talks like crazy and yells "mamama" when frustrated.  he said "dadadada" long before "mama" but he seems to be saying "mamama" like he knows what he's saying.  he snorts and scrunches his nose like crazy, it is the best.  he crawls all over and wants to play with everything he isn't supposed to!  you know, cords, dirty shoes, paper bags, etc.

and finally, a video that demonstrates his love for the binky.  i tried for a while to get him to come over before i showed him the binky and it was the only thing that worked!  little turd.
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