Monday, February 23, 2015

elliott's tenth month.

mister elliott december 16, 2014 - january 15, 2015.
elliott attended his first annual christmas date with the morrows - we had dinner at nordstrom sixth and pine {a favorite of mine & kat's}, took a quick walk around temple square to see the lights, and had hot chocolate at hatch family chocolates.  we love these best friends so much.  and elliott loves that tyler, the baby whisperer.
elliott at his 9 month appointment!  he weighed in at 19 lbs 6 oz and was 29 inches long.  healthy boy!
hat hair.
our little christmas boy!  i bought him that sweater on black friday when i was pregnant with him, envisioning what the next christmas would be like.  it was so much fun dressing him in it.  and that bow tie!  so handsome.
on december 23rd we went to the grand america hotel to check out the christmas windows with my mom and brother dallin.  it was magical and elliott loved it!  

elliott's first christmas deserves its own post so that will be coming soon...
elliott got baby signing time for christmas and loves it!  i, on the other hand, hate it.  so he doesn't watch it very often...bad mom.  notice how my living room has become elliott's room?!  toys everywhere.  we tried to fight it for a while but it just got too hard and we gave in.
new year's eve!  we didn't do much because this little babe was sick so we got chinese food, watched a movie and went to bed long before midnight.  elliott is by far the greatest gift i've ever been given and i thank my heavenly father every day for sending him to us.
for my christmas/birthday isaac sent me and my two best friends for a girls weekend in vegas {more to come!!} and took care of elliott while i was gone.  i was only gone for two nights but boy oh boy was this reunion sweet.
for my birthday dinner with the westwood family we had dinner at alamexo and treats at hatch family chocolates.  i obviously can't get enough, every time we go downtown in the winter we make a stop.  i love this family of mine.  is elliott not isaac's twin?!
riding cricket!
happy 28th birthday to me!
i love combing his hair after his bath.  too funny.  just put a little elastic and bow in it and we've got a beautiful baby girl!
elliott loooooves this ball.  he gets so excited when he finds it.  this video makes me laugh so hard.
and now our toothy little 10 month old!  he has four top and two bottom and he bites everything.  he crawls so fast and pulls himself and walks along furniture like crazy.  he loves trying new food and i realized very quickly around this time that trying to get him to nurse when not very hungry does not work.  i was still stuck on the schedule we've had for the past few months and realized i was trying to get him to eat way too often.  so we cut out a few feeds and he is doing much better.  on top of a few nursing sessions a day he eats breakfast, lunch and dinner and loves it.  he laughs all the time, especially at me saying things in funny voices like "toots" or "poop".  such a boy already.  
this belly laugh is the absolute best.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

goodbye two thousand fourteen.

2014 was our best year yet, for obvious reasons.  elliott's birth completely changed our world for the better and i can't imagine life without him.  we got to visit the oregon coast/portland and san francisco this year and got to see some of our very favorites in concert - nickel creek, paul mccartney and alt-j.  isaac's company outbox systems is growing like crazy and doing so well and i am loving continuing to work as a pediatric nurse part time.

i know we are halfway through february but i love celebrating the new year and am excited for all 2015 has to offer.

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