Tuesday, November 18, 2014

elliott's sixth month.

time for another monthly recap of the little man's life!  his sixth month!
loves from grandpa.
he saw something very shocking on the tv.
we sure love this swing!  so careless and fancy free.
i love a baby in a tank top.  getting some love from amanda.
right after elliott turned 5 months i had him fully transitioned to his crib - for both naps and bedtime.  we had a nice nap and bedtime routine down and things were going pretty well!  then this little bug started rolling!  it messed up his sleep for a day or two and then he started rolling on his belly to sleep!  it made me extremely nervous at first but there was no stopping him.  i would turn him back on his back and he would just roll back over to his belly.  this babe loves to roll.
trying rice cereal for the first time!  he was a little iffy at first but i think he liked it!  it took him a few days to learn to push to cereal to the back of his mouth to swallow instead of just pushing it out of his mouth.  i was hesitant to start solids because it meant he was growing up!  ahhhh!  we didn't do rice cereal for long because after the first few tries i don't think he liked it much.  we did oatmeal for a while as well which he tolerated, but never loved either.
hat hair.
my best little facetimer!
we bought elliott a jumper and he loved it!!  especially when we put it outside and he could look around and feel the wind in his fuzzy hair.
elliott at church.  he loves looking around at all the people.  especially the kids!
such a little chub here.
taking a snooze in the car.  these mirrors are the best!  i love being able to see what he's doing and he loves checking himself out.
snuggles with uncle ryan.  and soeyer sharing her corn!
rosy cheeks post nap.  when he first started sleeping on his belly he would rub his face back and forth and get such rosy cheeks.  we were considering buying him some higher thread count sheets when he finally stopped rubbing so much, ha!
it isn't easy to get elliott to laugh and he was just cracking up like crazy at his cousin max!  it was so cute.
"no pictures mom, i just woke up."
happy boy!
on september 4th elliott's first tooth broke through!  you can't really see it here, but it's there!  we had recently gone on vacation and he slept horribly the whole time - we thought it was because he was off his schedule but i think it was because his tooth was coming in.  it was so pokey and sharp!  no more chewing on mom and dad's fingers!
jumping in the sunshine.
elliott and jude are the funniest little friends.  i love them together.  i'm pretty sure this is elliott showing off and jude loving it.
showing some skin.
after giving cereal a few tries we moved on to avocado!  he loved it!
i catch elliott brian staring up at his namesake all the time and it makes me so happy.  he's thinking, "hey!  i know him!"
babe vs. pup.
my dad brought elliott home this pup from a work conference and it's now one of his favorite toys.  he loves to eat his nose.
we love it when dad comes home!
more cereal!
we are so in love.
isaac had knee surgery on september 11th and elliott was so good.  it went much better than his sinus surgery and isaac recovered pretty quickly.  elliott loved just hanging with dad on the couch.
for jude's third birthday we went swimming and it was elliott's first time!  he was so easy going about it - not showing much emotion at first as to whether or not he liked it.  i tried to get him to float on his back and he would hold his legs stiff in the air.  haha!  towards the end he started smiling and splashing a bit so we knew he liked it.  
taking a ride in jude's new truck.
there is nothing better than having this sweet face stare up at you.
first time in a button up!  such a handsome boy ready for church.
shortly after getting his first tooth his second came in and elliott started chewing his crib rails!  i would go in to get him from his nap and he would have little white flecks of paint on his face.  ahhhh!  i gave him his sophie to try and get him to chew that instead but no, nothing is as good as the rails.  we ordered a breathable crib liner stat.
the night before elliott turned 6 months he started sitting up on his own!  he had tried for the week or two before but his head was too heavy and he would just tumble over.  while elliott was learning to sit up he went through a nasty sleep regression.  for a week straight he fought every single nap and even starting waking up at all hours of the night.  this was also the week isaac had knee surgery so i was taking care of him as well.  it was a rough week.  for the first time since i had elliott i was actually excited to go to work and get a break!  and of course when he went to his grandma virlie's house he napped really well for her.  luckily this only lasted one week, but man, sleep regression is hard.  you think you've got a good schedule down and then bam!  he gets a tooth!  bam!  he goes through a growth spurt!  bam!  he starts sitting up.  

and finally, my fresh little 6 month old.  such a little drool baby.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

elliott's fifth month.

will this blog ever be in real time again?!  it's hard to say...but i hope so.  i am gradually catching on to being a mom and doing some of the things i used to do - like make dinner, blogging, etc.  it's a slow process but i'll get there.
hanging with mom after work.  he asked to take a selfie and i said yes.
elliott's little jig for isaac's birthday!  he was so excited his dad was turning the big 2-8.  this is one of my favorite videos of him.
haha i wish i remember why elliott was crying here!  probably because he was hungry...that is usually the only time he cries.  i'm a lucky mom, i know.
mid july elliott started doing this fake little cough.  it was so cute and funny.  apparently he just needed to clear his little throat.  he also became so easily distracted while eating!  it made nursing not so fun.  he would eat for a minute, look at me and smile, eat for a minute, look around the room, etc.  cute, but annoying when he already eats so much longer than the average babe!
love this little hand by his face.
we introduced the bumbo a few days after he turned 4 months and he loved it!  such a big boy!
just a few more from our trip to oregon.
pulling dad's hair - he isn't sorry at all.
on august 1, 2014 elliott had his 4 month check up {a little late because of our vacation}.  he weighed 14 pounds 5 ounces and made this mama so proud!  he looks a little red/bruised here but there is no bruise, he just has sensitive skin like me and picking him up without clothes on makes him red!  
he knew his shots were coming and he was not happy about it.  he does really well with his vaccines though.  he gets pissed right when they give them but as soon as i pick him up he's fine.  he does get a little sad later in the afternoon and won't nurse very well, so i give him a bottle and some tylenol and he feels much better.
my mom put gel in his hair and it was so cute/funny.
we snuck elliott some sweet potato during dinner and he liked it!  we also gave him a bite of white potato and he acted like it was the sourest thing in the world.  haha.  after that we decided to wait until closer to 6 months to start solids.
he loves his little sock monkey that aunt erin gave him.
just relaxing on a walk with his sunnies on.  i wonder what he thought of the world through those shades the first time.
another favorite video of mine - elliott sitting in front of the mirror smiling at his new friend.  he loves that baby paper!
at the beginning of august we started sleep training with elliott.  we had just had some really crappy nights of sleep and i couldn't take it anymore!  he was waking up at such random times and i never knew if he was hungry or not.  one night he would sleep until 5am and the next be up at 1.  at this point he was still sleeping in his rock and play next to our bed and i think part of the reason we weren't getting enough sleep was that i could hear every grunt and move, even if he was just changing positions.  elliott was getting too big for the rock and play so i knew we had to transition to the crib soon.  i did a bunch of research {mostly during those late night feedings when i was so upset not to be asleep!} and realized we were putting elliott to bed way too late and he wasn't getting enough sleep!  when he was a newborn and slept all the time it was good to get one last feed in around 10 or 11pm and hope he slept for a good chunk of time but that was no longer needed.  it was time to transition to an early bedtime.  i really wasn't ready to move elliott to his own room yet but i knew i couldn't put him to bed that early in our room because we would probably wake him up when we came in to bed.  so i ripped the bandaid off and we put him in his own room.  it took 3-4 days to really get a routine going and we haven't looked back since!  i read the sleep sense book as well as healthy sleep habits, happy child and they both helped a ton.  once his bedtime routine was established his naps really started improving, which has been so nice.  he still fights a nap every once and a while, but he is doing so much better and i am getting so much more done.
fresh and clean.
we have a little park across the street from our house and we love going over to swing at the end of the day.  those little legs kill me.
these girls sat in front of us for a few minutes and elliott wanted to play with them so bad.  he loves other kids!
and finally, my 5 month old boy!  getting more personality by the minute.
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