Sunday, July 20, 2014

celebrating year five.

on may 9, 2014 isaac & i celebrated our 5 year anniversary!  i thought i loved him before elliott joined our family, but seeing as a father made my love for him grow so much.  i am so lucky to have such a kind, hilarious, and giving man as my best friend lover boy forever.

to celebrate we dropped elliott off at my parents and went out for a little night on the town.  it was much smaller than our previous celebrations, but it was perfect.  besides, at this point i couldn't stand to leave elliott for more than a few hours!  
 my favorite, favorite chocolates are pollyanna rum cremes from mrs. cavanaugh's chocolates.  isaac usually buys me a little box with 6 in them and i savor them by eating 1 a day.  this year he bought me the big box!  i ate like 6 right when he gave them to me...yeah.  i love them. 
 we had dinner at eva and it was delicious.  we ordered way too much food {my eyes are often bigger than my stomach} but we loved almost everything we tried.
 we went to see the grand budapest hotel at the broadway centre theatre {loved it!} and enjoyed this view afterward.  we love salt lake city.
my pretty anniversary flowers.  isaac also gave me the most beautiful gold ring to wear to work and when i don't feel like wearing my diamond ring.  i love it!  i gave him tickets to see paul mccartney in august!  we are so excited.

the next evening we went and got a couples massage and it was just what the doctor ordered.

year four.
year three.
year two.
year one.

elliott's second month.

time for some crazy catch up so i can start blogging like a normal person again.  if only i could figure out how to feed elliott and write a blog post at the same time...then i could really get caught up!  our second month with this little man was significantly easier than the first.  it went so fast!  by 6 weeks we had overcome most of our breastfeeding struggles and elliott was finally gaining some weight.  the day we said goodbye to the supplemental nursing system i cried some happy tears.  i have taken an insane amount of pictures of elliott so here you go...and this is me narrowing them down to just my favorites...
 we sure love this happy baby wrap!  every mom needs one.  i was kind of paranoid about him getting so he wanted to be in the wrap 24/7, so we only used it occasionally.  we both love it though.  it was around this time that i finally starting getting a few things done around the house again.
does he not look like a tiny doll in this?!  
 elliott, dead asleep like this.  casting a spell...or doing the creep.
 going out for walks with elliott made me feel so much more sane!  especially when isaac had school late into the evenings.  it was so nice to get out and get some fresh air.
 our niece soeyer turned 1 and elliott went to her first birthday party!  i love how elliott is touching her hand.  soeyer is exactly 11 months older than elliott.
elliott's first easter!  i made him a little easter basket with a bunny, a bunny book and these funny little ears.  we got a pretty big kick out of them!
he loves a good bundle.
 tummy time!  he kind of liked it at, not so much.
 there is nothing better than a baby fresh from the bath.
 our favorite way to shop.
 cutest hair!
 we went to the tulip festival with kat & jude and it was so much fun!  it was around this time that i felt like i could really start taking elliott out a little more and not spend so much time in our house.  he was so warm and cozy in his stroller before i took him out for these pictures.  sorry baby!  also, this is when i could finally start putting elliott in some of his 0-3 month clothes!  hooray!
  isaac sold one of his businesses and we went out to celebrate!  
 watching mom work out.  he likes jillian a lot more than i do...
 one of elliott's first baths in his tub!  before that we were doing them in the sink, but this works much better.  he was pretty apprehensive at first.
 we had kat, tyler and jude over for brunch to celebrate isaac's graduation.  jude and elliott are the cutest little friends.
 right before a big sneeze.
 he loves this blanket!
 uncle collin!
 little bear.
on may 10, 2014 elliott started smiling!  just in time for mother's day.  i love this picture so much.
 now he's playing the piano in his sleep.
 a big smile for mom on mother's day!
 mother's day brunch.
poor baby got his first shots on his 2 month birthday.  it was heartbreaking!  he recovered pretty quickly and was happy again when i picked him up.
 and finally, a few of elliott's 2 month photos.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

elliott at seven weeks.

these photos were taken on may 5, 2014 when elliott was 7 weeks old.  i had talked to samantha kelly about taking photos of elliott right after he was born and it just didn't work out - but i am so glad it didn't because i love these photos of my boy.  his head had just started to grow quite a bit and the hair on the front of his head was nearly gone!  so he's kind of a bald little old man in these and i love it.  he also was too tiny for the blue outfit i wanted him to wear {given to me by my friend marta - i love it!!} but we put him in it anyway.  his eyes look so blue!  the quilt elliott is laying on was made for him by his grandma virlie.  isn't it beautiful! i am so happy sam was able to capture such a happy baby & mama.  tired, but happy.

see the photos of elliott's nursery here.
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