Friday, September 26, 2014

oregon family vacation: portland part 1.

on friday, july 25th we arrived in portland to spend some time with my cousins!  we stayed with my cousin jessica and her husband aaron in their beautiful home.  elliott was a dream baby and slept the entire drive from astoria to portland so he was ready for a night on the town.  our first stop was to grassa for some homemade pasta.
this was one of my favorite meals in portland.  so fresh and delicious!  and it was what my cousin referred to as "fast food" in portland.  we loved every bite.  i would kill to have a place like this in utah.  afterward we got ice cream at ruby jewel scoops and it was delicious.  it was the perfect first night in portland.
the next morning we met my cousin lauren, her boyfriend casey, my cousin sarah, my aunt and uncle, and my brother collin for brunch (who was visiting my cousins on a totally different trip) and shopping in the alberta arts district.  we ate at petite provence and it was so yummy.  my favorite part was the warm croissant with jam.  i could eat one of those every day for breakfast.  yum.  
portland is all about ice cream and donuts {more to come on those!} and i loved it.  salt and straw has the most yummy unique flavors!  i tried the almond brittle with salted ganache and the chocolate gooey brownie.  the almond brittle was a salty sweet delight.  isaac tried the olive oil and the strawberry lime cilantro cheesecake!  they also have flavors like pear and blue cheese, honey lavender, and honey balsamic strawberry with black pepper.  it is such a fun place.
when in portland...
elliott's face in this kills me dead.  he was not sure what the heck this sasquatch statue was! there were so many fun, unique shops along alberta and mississippi street.
my cousin lauren got these cute shots of elliott in his stroller.
we had such a fun day with these cousins and brother of ours.  it was fun that my brother's trip and ours lined up at the same time so we could spend some time in portland together!  we are both obsessed with the city now.
on saturday night we had dinner at jessica & aaron's restaurant picnic house.  the food was amazing!  it was so fun to see the space they had transformed into this magical restaurant.  jessica is such a talented chef, it was so fun to try her delicious creations.  if you ever visit portland, you must try picnic house.  everything on the menu is fabulous.
after dinner we walked the waterfront and then drove up to the portland international rose garden.  so beautiful!  and little did we know i won the rose queen this year.  i feel so honored.  ha!  

one last portland post to come!

Friday, September 19, 2014

oregon family vacation: seaside, cannon beach & astoria.

the third day of our vacation to the coast was pretty rainy.  we had plans to go to the beach but ended up renting these silly 4 man bikes to ride around town.  we took some pictures with the babies and then handed them off to the grandparents to sit in a warm cafe while we rode around seaside.  it was so much fun!  and quite the workout...
exhausted but happy!  elliott's sleep schedule was still on utah time, and a little wacky at that so nights were hard.  we were staying up late having fun and then getting up in the middle of the night was pure torture.  i said some pretty angry things about never traveling with elliott again...which i quickly took back because we were having so much fun during the day.  vacationing with babes is hard but so worth it!
soeyer sharing her crayons with elliott.
that afternoon the sun came out and we went to the beach!  it was much cooler than the previous day so we stayed bundled up.  isaac's family has been coming to the coast for years and one of their favorite traditions is to rent these beach bikes!  they were so much fun!  elliott was tucked in his carrier, sleeping the afternoon away while we rode along the beach.  it was a beautiful afternoon.
lucky grandkiddies.
the next day, july 24th, was grandma von's birthday and the day of her funeral/life celebration.  we went to her favorite restaurant for lunch, mo's, and spent some time at cannon beach.
we went back to seaside for a few hours after lunch and came back to a sunny, beautiful afternoon.  grandma von loved haystack rock and it has a lot of significance to the westwood family.  it was very special to be a part of scattering her ashes.  
see the orbs in these photos?!  grandma von was there with us!  :)
that night we had a bonfire at the beach and lit chinese sky lanterns.  they were so pretty in the dark sky!  it was my first bonfire at the beach and i loved it.
we had so much fun spending time with the westwood family and getting to know everyone a little better.  these are all the great grandkids of grandma von.  they are all so sweet and fun.  it was sad saying good bye!

it was time to head to portland to spend time with my family!
we stopped in astoria on our way and loved it!  we climbed the astoria column and saw these amazing views.  we actually climbed the crazy stairs twice...the first time halfway up elliott was screaming and we figured we better feed him or our time at the top would be miserable.  it was a good call.
it was pretty windy up there and elliott was not loving it.
i love this family photo of us.  elliott looks so much like isaac in this.
for lunch we waited in very long line for bowpicker fish & chips and it was well worth the wait.  they were delicious!  it was a great afternoon.

next up, portland!

Friday, September 12, 2014

oregon family vacation: multnomah falls & seaside.

time to document our first family vacation!  at the end of july we went to oregon for a week to celebrate the life of isaac's grandma von.  we had planned to have a family reunion on the coast for her 90th birthday, but she passed away last april so we went to scatter her ashes and remember her.  the whole westwood family was together and we had a blast!  then we spent some time with my cousins in portland!  dream trip i tell you.
elliott was so good on the flight!!  he loved looking at everyone around him and slept really well.  he is still so tiny here {4 months} and was still used to being bundled to sleep so that really helped.  it also helped that his time to eat was when we were taking off so he guzzled a bottle during take off and sucked his binkie while we landed.  we also gave him tylenol before flying - who knows if that helped or not but his ears didn't seem to bother him at all.
we rented a big car with isaac's parents and elliott got the pleasure of enjoying his grandma virlie in the back with him.  i was also there, but obviously grandma is more exciting!
darling cousins at the multnomah falls lodge.
the falls were so beautiful!  elliott was snoozing in his stroller and missed this whole thing.  isaac always complains that when he talks about a place he wants to visit his parents tell him he has been there...when he as 2, or when he was a baby, etc.  you know, a time in his life he doesn't remember. {he got to live in london for a few months when he was 14 so i don't think he gets to complain at all...}  and now we are doing that to elliott.  haha!  "you were there elliott!  yes you were only 4 months old, but you have been to the oregon coast!"  we will hopefully be taking him back many more times.
he is the happiest baby and was so happy to be with family for a whole week!  so much attention!!  
quick stop at the tillamook cheese factory for some silly photos and yummy ice cream.
i packed this hat last minute and i'm so glad i did!  it was chilly at night.
we stayed in a group of 3 beach houses, one for each family.  it was so much fun.  we had dinner as a family each night in the courtyard.
we took a walk over to the beach {seaside} and it was such a beautiful night!  i love me some pink clouds.  of course our little bear slept through this as well.  around this time he had started not loving being in his happy baby wrap because he wanted to see everything that's going on but after a few minutes he settled right down and cozied up to sleep.  i live for moments like this.
the next day was beach day!  a bunch of the family went crabbing and elliott and i opted to go to the beach with grandma v.  it was the nicest day we were there and i'm so glad we went!  i can't even handle elliott in his little swimwear.  his belly wanted to be free.
elliott loved the sand and water.  the water was pretty cold so we just put our feet in and he loved it so much!  he is the most easy going baby, nothing seems to phase him.  his first beach trip was a success.
that night was our family's night to make dinner and we made a mexican feast.  it was delicious.  i could eat this meal every single day.

more to come!
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